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Our Philosophy, Mission statement & Vision

Helping You to Live Well

In recent decades, the people of North America have become increasingly interested in health and wellbeing. We do not merely seek to exist, we want to – and deserve to – live well. Taking care of the body in such a way as to enjoy health makes sense, as we are living longer than our ancestors. Where this pertains to dentistry might be more complicated for some to see. Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd, with a focus on total wellness, take time to provide the necessary information to patients that will empower them to take control of their oral health in a way that benefits the entire body.

A vital aspect of our current wellness revolution is the focus on an integrative, holistic approach. The dental team at Dr. Robertson & Dr. Redd Dental Health sees the big picture. Our practitioners have completed educational programs that have allowed for in depth understanding of the impact of oral health on the body. This means that we treat teeth and gums with the knowledge that whatever we do has an effect on the body.

Reports, such as that from the World Health Organization November 2009 convention in Geneva, Switzerland, indicate that some conventional dental treatments, such as amalgam dental fillings, should be phased out of dentistry. By having the knowledge of potential risks, your dentists at Dr. Robertson & Dr. Redd Dental Health have chosen to avoid the use of this material in favor of a mercury-free option.

We also believe that the more our patients know, the better they can protect their own oral health. We team with our patients so that, together, we can be proactive in our approach to oral health. It is not our job merely to care for teeth, but to teach people how they can best promote healthy teeth and gums, as well. The goal is not to simply enjoy an attractive smile, but to catapult from the foundation of oral health to add more years to life and, better yet, more life to our years.

Often, the simple, basic choices that we make on a daily basis make the most difference in how we live. We believe it is through the basic wisdom and balance of holistic dentistry that we can help our patients to live well one day at a time.


This is a photograph of Dr. Robertson’s patient. Photographs are for informational purposes only because individual treatment results will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may not be candidates for treatment.
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