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Meet the Team

Dr. Kindal Robertson DDS

Dr. Kindal Robertson, Dr. Robertson & Dr. Redd Dental Health We are in a time when patients are welcomed advocates for their own care. Dr. Kindal Robertson is a dentist who believes in patient education as a complement to compassionate, personalized care. He treats patients as if they were family, providing holistic care to promote health for the whole body, not just the teeth and gums. Dr. Robertson finds immense peace in doing what is best in each situation.

Dr. Robertson believes "A proactive approach to wellness may not be any harder than changing one element of our lifestyle such as caring for oral health and supporting health before the symptoms compound."

Dr. Kindal Robertson grew up as the middle child out of seven children right here in Calgary. He received both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Calgary, and graduated from the University of Alberta with his doctorate in dentistry in 2008. To this day, Dr. Robertson has continued his own learning process, completing training programs on an ongoing basis. He has a special interest in understanding the relationship between oral health, dental care, and general health.

Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd have been friends for quite some time and discovered their interest went beyond the ski hill. The two discovered that their shared philosophies made the perfect opportunity. They both wanted to work alongside their patients armed with knowledge and experience. Dr. Robertson knew it was time to move forward with Dr. Redd, Dr. Robertson founded “Dr. Robertson & Dr. Redd Dental Health" in 2012.

Dr. Robertson and his wife Treena have six young children. The family maintains an active lifestyle that includes soccer, basketball, biking, dance, skiing, piano, and various other activities that the children love. You may have once found Kindal in a kayak or in the Backcountry in a tent in solitude, but now you are more likely to see him crammed into a bulging tent surrounded by his children.

Dr. Robertson loves providing excellent dental care in our modern, well-appointed practice at the Dalbrent Professional building.

Dr. James Redd DDS

Dr. James Redd DDS, Dr. Robertson & Dr. Redd Dental Health Dr. Redd received his dental degree in 1982 upon completion of his program at the University of Alberta. He has practiced here in Calgary since 1984, and enjoys living in our beautiful city with his wife Karyn. The couple has six children and five grandchildren.

Dr. Redd believes in proactive dental care. It is his goal that each patient has positive dental experiences under his care. He has spoken of having the goal of "helping you keep your mouth so healthy that you don’t need us to do much; and you don’t have to worry what we’ll find when you come for a checkup and cleaning.” His commitment is to “always recommend the best solution, but recognize that there are many elements that can impact the timing of treatment."

Dr. Redd and Karyn are currently serving their second mission in Thailand!

Dr. Spencer DeSanti DDS

Dr. Spencer DeSanti, Dr. Robertson & Dr. Redd Dental Health Dr. Spencer DeSanti was born in Texas and grew up in the Portland, Oregon area. While at university, Dr. DeSanti met his future wife Cassandra who was born and raised in Calgary. Shortly after being married, they moved to Chicago where he attended dental school at Midwestern University CDMI. After completing dental school, they made the big move to Calgary!

Dr. DeSanti has two young children and devotes most of his time outside of work to his family. Dr. DeSanti is also a sports enthusiast. Whether as a fan or the participant, he is involved with sports one way or another. He grew up playing baseball, soccer, basketball, and enjoyed snowboarding in the winter. He is now learning to play golf and appreciates the challenge it presents.

Dr. DeSanti is committed to a health centered approach where he values the connection between oral health and full-body wellness. He strives to help patients feel comfortable during their treatment and believes good communication is essential to achieve this goal.

One of the hallmarks of LivingWell Dental is our focus on Empowered Healthcare. Dr. DeSanti has the same philosophy. He is dedicated to helping patients take control and ownership of their personal health and well-being. Understanding the treatment options, medical needs and personal values are an integral part of healthcare decisions. We have confidence in Dr. DeSanti's ability to combine these three pillars into an informed plan for you that delivers both Knowledge and Power.

Our Team

Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd have formed a group of dental professionals based on their ability to provide compassionate care to our valued patients. Our team as a whole shares the commitment to the highest standard of care, in which patients can feel comfortable in our atmosphere of trust and compassion.


This is a photograph of Dr. Robertson’s patient. Photographs are for informational purposes only because individual treatment results will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may not be candidates for treatment.