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Gum Disease

  • Gingivitis or Gum disease is an Infection
  • With regular Dental Care you can easily identify the Gum Infection
  • Our team will provide conventional treatments to get rid of the Gum disease

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Gum disease is a condition dental patients likely feel they hear about all the time. There is a good reason for ongoing discussions on the topic of gum disease. This progressive infection is currently the leading cause of tooth loss in adults around the world. More than half of the adults in North America are affected by gum disease to some extent. Gum disease is so prevalent in today’s society that dentists treat this condition as much or even more often than cavities.

Gum disease is often described as gingivitis. This is essentially the early stage of the infection process, and the only stage in which there is a chance to completely get rid of the infection and its harmful effects. Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd believe that the mouth has a direct effect on the body. In our Calgary dental office, we take a proactive approach to the dental care we provide to patients of all ages, monitoring the gums as well as the teeth.

There are several factors that may play a role in the development of gum disease. These include:
  • Existing medical conditions such as diabetes or systemic infections
  • Hormonal fluctuations such as during pregnancy
  • Misaligned teeth allow bacteria to collect and grow in hard to reach places
  • Poor dental hygiene

Watching for the early signs of gum disease may help you avoid the far-reaching effects of this condition. However, we cannot stress enough the mild way in which gum disease develops. Without regular dental care, many people do not recognize gum disease is a problem until substantial damage has been done.

Some of the warning signs to watch for include:
  • Swelling or redness in gum tissue
  • Tenderness in gum tissue
  • Bleeding (even when brushing or flossing, bleeding is not normal)
  • Sores on the gums or in the mouth
  • Discoloration of gum tissue, or shiny gums

The development of any of these symptoms is a cause to schedule a visit with your Calgary dentist right away.

Treatment for gum disease

There are the standard conventional treatments for gum disease, and there are treatments designed to help the body heal itself. As committed dentists, Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd seek to provide treatment that will benefit the whole body. We approach gum disease first with the intention to prevent infection. Treatment is administered based on the severity of the condition. Most often, we find that gum surgery can be avoided when the root cause of infection is discovered and treated.

Gum disease has the potential to ruin smiles and negatively impact health. Contact our office in Calgary for your preventive dental care.


This is a photograph of Dr. Robertson’s patient. Photographs are for informational purposes only because individual treatment results will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may not be candidates for treatment.
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