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Patient in Calgary asks, “Where can I find restorative dental care near me?”

Restorative Dental Care Near Me In Calgary Patients

What is restorative dentistry?

Sometimes called reconstructive dental care, restorative dentistry involves treatments or procedures that restore the function of the mouth and teeth. However, restorative dentistry can also have significant cosmetic benefits, restoring a patient’s beautiful and healthy smile.

Tooth loss, decay, aged dental work, and periodontal disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis can weaken teeth, bone, and gums. Dental restorations can protect damaged teeth and the surrounding healthy teeth, keep teeth from shifting, prevent deterioration of the bone structure, maintain healthy gums, and improve a patient’s ability to eat and speak comfortably and clearly. Aesthetically, restorative dental care fills in gaps in the smile with natural looking prosthetic teeth, maintains facial fullness, and returns confidence to a patient’s smile.

Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd Dental Care, serving patients near Calgary, Red Deer, Canmore, and Airdrie, provides a comprehensive array of professional dental care including family, children’s, biological, holistic, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

Our restorative dental treatments may include:

  • Dental crown – sometimes called a “cap,” a ceramic dental crown covers the visible portion of the tooth and provides stability and protection for a tooth that may have had root canal treatment or has decay, damage, or a larger, unsightly filling. Crowns are also used to complete a dental implant or to anchor a dental bridge
  • Dental bridge – aptly named, a dental bridge spans the space created by missing teeth. Bridges may be secured on either side to natural, healthy teeth or to dental implants. They can keep surrounding teeth from shifting into the gap where a tooth has been lost
  • Dental implant – the most permanent and stable treatment for tooth loss, a dental implant replaces the root of the tooth, which protects the bone and prevents bone loss and shifting of teeth. Typically, a dental implant involves a titanium post, which is placed into the jawbone and it naturally fuses to the bone for ultimate stability and function. After an implant is securely anchored, it is topped with a dental crown

At Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd Dental Care, we are able to custom-design, create, and place dental crowns in one visit using convenient and precise CEREC technology.

Is restorative dentistry right for me?

To determine how restorative dental care can help you, schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Kindal Robertson or Dr. James Redd today at (855) 316-7161.

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