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Calgary patients improve their teeth with affordable cost porcelain veneers

improve their teeth with affordable cost porcelain veneers

Most people have minor imperfections in their smiles. Teeth may be slightly crooked, chipped, gapping, odd lengths or shapes, or discolored. With today’s dental technology, each of these issues can be successfully resolved through a number of procedures.

Teeth whitening, orthodontics or Invisalign clear alignment system, composite tooth bonding, or reconstructive dentistry can address a multitude of issues that cause patients to be dissatisfied with their smiles. Some patients who experience a combination of problems with their teeth may not wish to commit to a series of treatments to correct each area of concern. In such instances, affordable cost, long-lasting, and natural-looking porcelain veneers may be an appropriate option.

At the practice of Drs. Robertson and Redd Dental Care, serving patients from Calgary, Red Deer, Airdrie, Canmore, and surrounding Alberta communities, Kindal Robertson, DDS, and James Redd, DDS, are experienced doctors of dental surgery. They offer a comprehensive array of holistic, biological, family, pediatric, reconstructive, cosmetic, and preventive dentistry, as well as treatment for gum disease and BioBloc Orthotropic therapy.

After a thorough consultation to determine if porcelain veneers are the appropriate treatment, Dr. Robertson or Redd will work with the patient to custom-design the characteristics and appearance of his or her new smile. Very thin layers of porcelain can be precisely carved and crafted to the desired size, shade, and shape in a professional dental laboratory. Because porcelain has many of the same attributes as the tooth’s natural enamel, such as translucence, light-reflection, and expansion and contraction to temperature variation, it is a preferred dental material.

The patient’s teeth are prepared for treatment by reducing small amounts of the tooth enamel so that the veneers adhere securely. Once the veneers are received back to our office, the doctor and patient will make sure that the veneers are a perfect match and achieve the natural-looking results desired. The veneers are then securely bonded into place for a long-lasting smile transformation.

For more information about beautiful and durable porcelain dental veneers, contact our knowledgeable team today at (855) 316-7161 or request an appointment through our convenient online scheduling system.

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