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Calgary dentist loves to care for kids

Kids Dentist Calgary Dr. Kindal

Children learn at an astonishing rate in the first several years of life. In fact, studies show that, at birth, a child has already developed all of the brain cells required for his or her lifetime of learning. As a child develops, brain cells link into the intricate networks that create thought processes. Experiences generate crucial thought connections, particularly positive interactions with those around the children.

At Dr. Robertson and Redd Dental Health, serving Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and surrounding areas such as Red Deer, Canmore, and Airdrie, we understand that helping our youngest patients have positive experiences in a non-threatening, engaging environment can lead to optimal lifelong oral health and hygiene. Our doctors, Kindal Robertson and James Redd, are both Doctors of Dental Surgery who are committed to providing the most relaxing experiences for our patients of any age, using safe, biocompatible, and gentle treatments and preventive care. As holistic and biological dentists, Drs. Robertson and Redd offer amenities to reduce anxiety and promote wellness, including needle free freezing and a complete range of dental care for the whole family under one roof.

As a kid’s dentist practice, we begin with thorough examination, professional cleaning, and a child-friendly introduction to establishment of a healthy dental hygiene routine. We emphasize prevention of oral health issues and follow the child’s growth patterns while continually reinforcing proper brushing and flossing in ways that children can understand.

As our children grow, we watch for and address any cavities or damage and use mercury-free, biocompatible materials when needed for the best appearance and the safest interaction with the body over time. Parents of six children each, Drs. Robertson and Redd enjoy working with generations of patients’ families in our welcoming, friendly, and modern practice, conveniently located in the Dalbrent Professional Building near Northland Drive and 2nd Avenue NW.

Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd Dental Health provides services for the entire family including general, holistic, biological dentistry, treatment and prevention of gum disease, BioBloc Orthotropics, dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, and Invisalign.

For all of your oral health and dental needs, call our friendly staff today at (855) 316-7161.

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