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Holistic dentistry in Calgary focuses on the use of safe dental materials

Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd Dental Health Holistic dentistry in Calgary

The safety of metals in dental restorations has been a hot topic over the past decades. Millions of patients are left wondering if there is cause for worry over amalgam fillings that were once the standard. It also poses the question, “What about the materials used for all of my other dental work, like crowns, bridges, or implants?” At Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd Dental Health in Calgary, we take special caution to address your individual sensitivities before they are placed in your mouth. We believe strongly that the use of safe, biocompatible materials is the best decision for the oral health and complete wellness of our patients.

The clinical manifestation of disease as a result of mercury fillings is still a topic of great debate. There is a great deal of evidence showing impact and many articles that fail to show clinical significance. Amalgam fillings contain mercury, which has been proven hazardous to the body in many studies. Mercury toxicity can pose risks to a patient’s health and immune system, and has also been shown to have an impact on resistance to antibiotics.

Dental mercury amalgam became the preferred material of dental fillings because of its perceived strength. The truth is, most adults today have at least one amalgam filling and many of them have to be replaced because of a fracture in the tooth caused by the filling. Amalgam expands and contracts based on temperature, which can fluctuate based on consumption of hot or cold beverages and food, and daily tasks such as chewing. As the fillings expand and contract is stretches and causes the tooth to fracture, and thus requiring a larger filling or even a crown. This process can also leave the fracture susceptible to bacteria which can cause infection.

Our team practices holistic dentistry, which focuses on the total health of our patients. We believe strongly in the connection between oral health and the health of the body. This belief makes it important to us to use only materials that are deemed biocompatible, or safe for the body. We choose to use fillings that are made out of composite, ceramic, or porcelain. In addition to being safe, these materials are also tooth-colored, which allows for a natural looking restoration that blends in seamlessly with existing teeth.

At Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd Dental Health, we focus on treating patients, not just teeth. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of holistic dentistry and biocompatible materials, call us today to set up an appointment.

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