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Biobloc Orthotropics

  • We offer Orthodontic Treatment to get straight teeth
  • We help the growth of your children’s jaw in the right posture
  • We offer special care for children to give the smile they deserve

Biobloc Before After

Conventional orthodontic treatment straightens your teeth. Biobloc addresses your jaw.

Some people may benefit from orthodontic treatment alone. There are those, however, who experience a facial transformation through the forward growth of the jaw. Biobloc Orthotropics® is a system designed by John Mew to encourage forward growth of the face. What we often see with this treatment is healthier jaw joints, a larger airway, and a broad smile to the corners of the mouth.

Orthodontic treatment comes from the Greek words “straight” and “teeth”. To date, the purpose of orthodontic treatment is to do just that: straighten the teeth. This is typically accomplished with brackets and wires of metal or tooth-colored material.

Orthotropics treatment is focused on how your teeth are positioned relative in your face. This process, developed in the 1950s by Dr. John Mew, has a completely different philosophy. Dr. Mew believed that misaligned teeth were the result of poor oral posture, not genetics. His theory is that poor oral posture reduces the growth potential of the upper jaw, which tends to then be more narrow and set back. Similarly, the lower jaw also grows downwards and towards the neck, rather than forward and upward.

The intent of orthotropic treatment, which has been used on children as young as three years old, is to encourage proper growth in the jaw. This approach carries a great many benefits beyond tooth straightening. It is important to mention that Biobloc Orthotropics® are most effective in younger patients whose jaws are still developing. Suitable for patients as young as three, this treatment should start no later than the age of 10.

Biobloc Orthotropics® may be new to you. To learn more, watch our videos and then contact our office for more information, or for your consultation.


There was a time when we believed that what mattered was accomplishing ideal alignment between teeth. As we learned more about orthotropic treatment, we discovered our initial thoughts were limited. We now understand that the movement of teeth naturally affects the positioning of the jaw, facial balance, and even the airway. Many of the results of Biobloc Orthotropics® are felt, not seen. It is these effects, however, that Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd find most exciting.


One young lady featured in a video of ours, Sydney, was unhappy with the look of her teeth. She also had experienced clicking in her jaw and severe pain in the joints that spread around her ears. These symptoms had been ongoing since she was a child. After we explained the details of Biobloc Orthotropics®, she agreed to follow our exact instructions to correct her orthodontic problems. By doing exactly as we had suggested, based on our clinical experience with this treatment, Sydney was able to reach her desired outcome from treatment.

To learn more about Biobloc Orthotropics®, watch our videos and then call our office for your personal consultation.


Biobloc Orthotropics®, in its ability to promote forward growth rather than the opposite, gives the airway more room to expand as needed. Downward growth of the jaw, in contrast, leads to restriction. The evidence we have seen in the before and after images of our own patients solidifies the benefit of Biobloc Orthotropics®on the airway.


When we smile, what others should see is our teeth, not our gums and more. If you are to take mental note of a person with an attractive smile, you will notice that they smile broadly, and that their entire face is in harmony. Often, a strong chin is a part of this attractive smile. This is all a part of optimal jaw development.

Just as our body’s change, so do our mouths. Teeth grow and shift. These changes may either promote attractiveness in the smile, or inhibit it. There are several ways to promote beauty in the smile itself, but we are convinced that Biobloc Orthotropics® is the optimal treatment for creating facial harmony, comfort, and health.

Orthotropics makes room for teeth, so no extractions are needed

The orthodontic approach, which is concerned primarily with straightening the teeth, may include the extraction of permanent teeth before braces are applied. Why? Because the jaw is often not developed enough to allow optimal growth of larger permanent teeth. Biobloc Orthotropics® is not designed to only straighten the teeth. It is designed to improve the entire jaw.

The initial phase of treatment is designated to jaw expansion. We call this the Expansion phase , the time during which patients wear a removable “expander” appliance that promotes forward growth of the upper jaw. When the jaw is properly expanded, teeth are given the room needed to grow into their proper positioning. Following the Expansion phase , patients progress to wearing the Biobloc appliance, which promotes the forward growth of the lower jaw to meet the upper, further promoting healthy alignment.

Some patients may undergo orthodontic treatment to perfect their smile, although this is often not necessary.


With Biobloc Orthotropics® you can have more than straight teeth

Developed by Dr. Mew, the Biobloc appliance is designed to encourage the forward growth of the lower jaw. This treatment protocol also promotes correct posture in the lips and tongue. Patients entering into this treatment agree to wear their appliance both day and night for the prescribed amount of time, usually 9 to 18 months. Once the desired changes have been achieved, night time wear is all that is necessary.

We offer the Biobloc Orthotropics® treatment primarily because we have seen the immense difference it has made in the lives of young people and their families. Kids who have poor sleep, have regular headaches and have been labeled as ADHD or prolonged bed wetting, this begins to transform as they make their way through the Biobloc Orthotropics® treatment protocol. For us, the best thing is seeing the positive effect forward jaw development has on the airway. The videos on our site will help you gain a better understanding as to how Biobloc Orthotropics® improves airflow and quality of life. Many of our patients thought we sounded crazy when we discussed the immense health benefits of this treatment program . . . but now, after completing treatment, they understand exactly what we were talking about! Meet some of our patients in the videos on this page.

This treatment is not for everyone, and isn’t always easy. The lifelong results of sticking with the program, however, are so stunning that patients say they would do it all over again. Many things in life that are worth having require effort to acquire. Our view is that the results accomplished with Biobloc Orthotropics® falls into this category. It promotes the forward growth of the jaws. Compliance with the protocol is vital to a successful outcome. We hate to say it, but, this program does not work for those who do not work it.

We feel strongly that Biobloc Orthotropics® is an ideal orthodontic treatment for many young patients. Sadly, we also know that not every young person has the willingness to keep up the work necessary for the outcome they wish to accomplish. We are here to encourage you, and to introduce you to the patients who have come before you to successfully complete their own journey with Biobloc Orthotropics®. These patients tell it like it is, from beginning to end. Take a few moments to hear what they have to say, and consider the value of the work you would put into creating your best smile.

We love discussing the potential of innovative treatment in our Calgary dental office. Contact us today for your consultation.


This is a photograph of Dr. Robertson’s patient. Photographs are for informational purposes only because individual treatment results will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may not be candidates for treatment.
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