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No Needle Freezing

  • We offer you No Needle Anesthetic
  • You can be free of Fear of Needle and Pain
  • We offer the suitable Anesthetic for any age

Patient with Dentiste An aspect of dentistry that creates anxiety for many people is the injection of local anesthetic. Ironically, this is what enables your dental team to provide effective care in a pain-free manner. We want our patients to enjoy more positive dental experiences. This is why we have incorporated advanced care techniques into our practice, enabling us to administer local anesthetic WITHOUT SHOTS.

Our method of needle free anesthetic delivery makes it easier for patients of all ages to face dental treatments without fear or anxiety. How nice would it be to actually look forward to regular dental visits, knowing your treatment will be comfortable and productive in promoting your best oral health and most beautiful smile? Taking only a few seconds, our needle-free administration is simple and effective.

This innovative delivery method has actually been decades in the making. Many years ago, military physicians began using air-powered devices when inoculating soldiers against contagious diseases. Today, technology behind the needle-free delivery of medication includes spring-activation, a design that gently, quickly, delivers medication through the skin. No needles, no pain.

The administration of medication could not be easier at this point in time. Where needles must penetrate the skin, causing a slight sting, the needle-free application “sprays” medication into a very small target area of the gums. This method of delivery is not only being described as more comfortable for the patient, it can be more effective in terms of absorption.

As medication is absorbed into the skin, it is dispersed into a wider area more quickly. When injected, medication pools in a localized area beneath the skin, taking several minutes to spread out for optimal numbing. As quickly as medication is absorbed, the delivery is just as speedy. To numb an area of the mouth it takes only a few seconds of holding the small, flat delivery device against the gums. Patients will feel a slight sensation, if anything at all, as medication is pushed through the skin in a high velocity stream. Even children find this method extremely tolerable.

Our device is small and quiet, aiding in the creation of relaxing dental experiences. Dental visits can now be less stressful, and more comfortable. We are happy to offer patients the level of services that lead to more cooperation and better outcomes for oral health.

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Everyone was wonderful!

Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd Dental Health
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Everyone was wonderful. This is the first time in 30 years that I have not had the shakes during a procedure. Thank you