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Children enjoy dramatic before and after transformations with alternative orthodontic treatments in Calgary

Orthodontic Treatments Before and After in Calgary

When you think “orthodontic treatment,” you probably think “braces.” Treating your child early or late is a decision to be made by you and your dentist. Approaches offered by Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd favor early treatment where possible to take advantage of a growing child.  Orthotropic treatment focuses on the cause of crooked teeth while your child’s jaws are developing. Since the health of the mouth is so interconnected to the health of the body and quality of life, the effects of an alternative to orthodontic treatments before and after in Calgary can be dramatic and widespread.

Biobloc Orthotropics® or braces?

Like braces, your child initially wears Biobloc Orthotropics® at all times. The dentist adjusts this dental appliance as a means of opening the narrow dental arch often responsible for breathing problems and other conditions.
Biobloc Orthotropics® is usually ideal for 6-8 year olds recommended for patients under 12 and whose jaws aren’t fully grown. As a type of orthotropic therapy, Biobloc corrects likely causes of the improper jaw and facial growth: muscle tone, posture, and function.
Orthotropics guides horizontal jaw development with appliances and training. Young patients can achieve correct oral posture when they keep their lips together, their teeth together and their tongue against the roof of their mouth.  This posture shapes the symmetry and normal growth of your child’s face. Biobloc Orthotropics® also reduces habits that help your child avoid problems that affect the quality of his or her life, such as temporomandibular joint-related disorders, sleep apnea, sleeplessness, and tooth damage.
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Everyone was wonderful. This is the first time in 30 years that I have not had the shakes during a procedure. Thank you