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Calgary practice offers braces for kids with Biobloc orthotropics

Kids With Biobloc Orthodontic

When Calgary area patients are faced with the idea of braces for their kids, they are often interested in learning about alternatives that may be beneficial to their child. A revolutionary method, called Biobloc Orthotropics, is available for children to move their lower jaw into better alignment.


How does Biobloc work?

In many cases of orthodontic trouble, the issue stems from the misalignment of the lower jaw and its resting position. By addressing this issue with Biobloc orthotropics, children can open their airways and give their smile a broader appearance. The appliance is worn all day at first, until patients near the end of their treatment during which they will eventually wear the appliance only at night. With proper compliance, children can see complete changes over the course of treatment. Adjustments are made to the appliance as needed to ensure proper results.

The Biobloc orthotropic device is not worn when:

  • Singing
  • Brushing the teeth
  • Eating
  • Playing sports
  • Playing a wind instrument


Why choose Biobloc orthotropics?

Biobloc orthotropics get to the root of the problem, getting the jaw into an ideal position to ensure favorable facial growth as the child ages. Most children under the age of 10 are good candidates for this treatment as their jaw structure is still growing. Biobloc orthotropics can improve the position of the jaw with the face and even improve the profile appearance.


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Dr. Kindal Robertson and Dr. James Redd of Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd Dental Health in Calgary, Alberta believe in providing quality care for kids who need orthodontic work. Biobloc orthotropics can provide effective treatment for misaligned smiles. Contact the team today by calling (855) 316-7161 and scheduling an appointment at the practice located at #208-3604 52nd Avenue NW.


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Everyone was wonderful. This is the first time in 30 years that I have not had the shakes during a procedure. Thank you